Monday, September 4, 2017

Blog Update: I Went Back To School!

Just thought I'd give an update in case anyone was wondering where the content on this site went. Earlier this year my work schedule changed and I became busy spending my free time trying to get back into college and taking care of a few personal things, so my posts on this site became increasingly irregular - often with just the weekly "Opening This Week" post being the only thing I had time to write in a given week. 

However, now that the school year has officially started, my free time has only grown increasingly limited. As a result, I'm doing away with the weekly "Opening This Week" post because I simply don't have the time to put that together anymore. As far as reviews go, I'd still like to do some reviews if I can find the time to sit down and watch a movie and write something up for it, but I'm not sure how often I'll be able to.

This blog initially began as both an excuse to watch more movies and practice writing, but over time became something of a creative outlet and a method of engaging with film criticism - a subject that has always interested me and inspired me to become a Cinema and Digital Video Production major during my first bout with college. Incidentally, the video production portion of that major lead to a job at a local TV station that, combined with my newfound love of writing, has inspired me to head back to college for a Journalism degree. With any luck I'll be able to pursue a new career of writing for the web - perhaps even writing about movies, games, TV, or other similar "arts and culture" topics I've spent time writing about on this blog over the years.

Thanks for reading this blog! And be on the lookout for the occasional post in the future. Follow me on all the social networks where I'll link to anything I end up writing. 

Wish me luck!