Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Opening This Week - January 20

Wide Releases:

20th Century Women (Nationwide Expansion)

Directed by: Mike Mills
Runtime: 1hr, 58mins
Comedy, Drama

Mike Mills's first film since Beginners (2010) follows three women exploring love and freedom during the 1970s.



Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan
Runtime: 1hr, 57mins
Horror, Thriller

Split is a film I actually find intriguing. For one, it features what looks to be a very strong, very creepy performance by James McAvoy, who happens to be a very talented actor. But then again this is directed by M. Night Shyamalan, a director who has seen his best work come and go, and has somehow managed to keep his career afloat despite poor reviews and lackluster box office numbers. As always, we'll have to actually see it to know whether or not it has one of those trademark Shyamalan twists late in the film.


The Founder

Directed by: John Lee Hancock
Runtime: 1hr, 55mins
Biography, Drama, History

Early reviews point to a strong performance by Michael Keaton in the role of the founder of McDonalds. However, a closer looks seems to reveal a weak story with few real insights. Nevertheless, it has a mostly positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 


The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

Directed by: Dallas Jenkins
Runtime: 1hr, 32mins
Comedy, Drama, Family


xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Directed by: D.J. Caruso
Runtime: 1hr, 47mins
Action, Adventure, Thriller

Apparently I'm the only person who isn't totally enamored by Vin Diesel and his over-the-top action films. The Fast and Furious series continues to rake in money warranting sequel after sequel. And now he's back with his other over-the-top action series xXx. I suppose I should be willing to recognize his films for their tendency to have diverse casts and reach a large audience. Certainly sometimes you need a fun action franchise to bring some excitement to the doldrums of January. It wouldn't be my choice, but I'm sure it is for many. So by all means, enjoy!


Limited Releases:

Bakery in Brooklyn

Directed by: Gustavo Ron
Runtime: 1hr, 40mins
Comedy, Romance


Catch 22: Based on the Unwritten Story by Seanie Sugrue

Directed by: Josh Folan
Runtime: 1hr, 31mins
Mystery, Suspense


Check Point

Directed by: Thomas J. Churchill
Runtime: 1hr, 30mins
Action, Thriller, War



Directed by: Christopher Smith
Runtime: 1hr, 37mins


Doobious Sources

Directed by: Clif Lord
Runtime: 1hr, 42mins


My Father, Die

Directed by: Sean Brosnan
Runtime: 1hr, 42mins
Action, Drama


Staying Vertical

Directed by: Alain Guiraudie
Runtime: 1hr, 38mins
Comedy, Drama


The Red Turtle

Directed by: Michael Dudok de Wit
Runtime: 1hr, 20mins
Animation, Fantasy


Trespass Against Us

Directed by: Adam Smith
Runtime: 1hr, 39mins
Aciton, Crime, Drama


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