Monday, November 28, 2016

Wes Anderson's H&M Christmas Commercial

Wes Anderson has been known to make the occasional short film masquerading as a commercial for various companies. Back in 2013 he made a short film for Prada starring Jason Schwartzman. But before that he made one for Stella Artois, another one for Prada, and at least a few more for SoftBank (starring Brad Pitt), ATTIkea, and perhaps the one that started them all, the self parody for American Express.

His latest, titled "Come Together," is a beautiful little Christmas themed short that casts Adrien Brody as a train conductor on the H&M Lines Winter Express railroad responsible for informing the passengers that they should expect a delay in arrival to their destination. That delay will ultimately ruin Christmas plans for most of them. So he takes it upon himself to throw an impromptu Christmas party for all the travelers at the rear of the train.

He quickly makes arrangements and we see the end result, a party mostly intended to lift the spirits of a young unaccompanied minor who might not have had a Christmas otherwise. And of course the nearly 4 minute short film is full of Wes Anderson's trademark camera movements and staging. There are shades of The Darjeeling Limited here, which seems to make Adrien Brody a natural fit. No one films on a train quite like Wes Anderson. He has a keen eye for finding a way to make even the most cramped of spaces visually appealing. His elaborate production design shows each passenger initially confined in their own space in a similar fashion to the tour we're given of the Belafonte in The Life Aquatic. And of course the train itself looks like it may have come from Moonrise Kingdom with its aged technology. But the heartwarming short story is the real star. If this doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, nothing will!

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