Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Opening This Week - October 21

Wide Releases:

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Directed by: Edward Zwick
Runtime: 1hr, 58mins
Action, Crime, Thriller

The second most Tom "Cruisiest" action hero film gets a sequel (the first being the Mission Impossible series). All the trailers and posters have Cruise's name about as big and bold as the title character's. The character here is a bit more tense and much more confident than the one he plays in Mission Impossible. Reacher knows far better than the criminals that they should fear him. So much so that he feels the need to remind them, before he gives them their inevitable beating, that they were asking for it. Reacher is an unstoppable machine. But let's face it so is Ethan Hunt. In fact both Hunt and Reacher are simply ever so slight variations on the Tom Cruise action hero. However, that does nothing to diminish the box office appeal of these movies. Count me in on this one.


Keeping up with the Jonses

Directed by: Greg Mottola
Runtime: 1hr, 41mins
Action, Comedy

We've seen this sort of spy comedy many times, but when the cast is this appealing it's hard not to want to see it. It's a genre so rife with comedic potential that it can survive being redone this many times. That doesn't necessarily mean the people behind the scenes made it all work. We'll wait and see.


Ouija: Origin of Evil

Directed by: Mike Flanagan
Runtime: 1hr, 39mins

As expected, here's a horror release for Halloween. Expect more next week.


Boo! A Madea Halloween

Directed by: Tyler Perry
Runtime: 1hr, 43mins
Comedy, Horror

If there's anything more essential this time of year than horror, it's horror comedy.


Limited Releases:

American Pastoral

Directed by: Ewan McGregor
Runtime: 2hrs, 6mins


Autumn Lights

Directed by: Angad Aulakh
Runtime: 1hr, 38mins
Drama, Mystery


Good Kids

Directed by: Chris McCoy
Runtime: 1hr, 26mins


I'm Not Ashamed

Directed by: Brian Baugh
Runtime: 1hr, 52mins
Biography, Drama


In a Valley of Violence

Directed by: Ti West
Runtime: 1hr, 44mins

I don't always like Ethan Hawke, but when I do, I like him quite a bit. I've also been known to enjoy the occasional western and the occasional revenge film. This seems to check all the boxes.

Full Review Here



Directed by: Barry Jenkins
Runtime: 1hr, 50mins

Barry Jenkins is an up and coming director to keep an eye on. Moonlight has already received almost universal acclaim for its depiction of gay masculinity in a tough neighborhood. It looks both visually and dramatically captivating. And Mahershala Ali looks to have a smaller part in this film, but he's been excellent in everything I've seen him in. 


The Handmaiden

Directed by: Chan-wook Park
Runtime: 2hrs, 24mins
Drama, Romance

The latest film from the director of Oldboy and other such critically acclaimed films. It looks visually spectacular even if I'm not familiar with the source material.


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