Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Opening This Week - August 12

Wide Releases:

Pete's Dragon

Directed by: David Lowery
Runtime: 1hr, 42mins
Family, Fantasy

I remember liking the 1977 classic when I was a kid, but don't recall much about the movie. I might need to refresh my memory before seeing this new one just to see how different it is. As far as I can tell, it isn't as much a remake as it is a complete reimagining. It's based on a children's book, and features a young child and a giant creature. The filmmaking involves a mixture of live action and CGI animation. If that sounds familiar it's because this follows The BFG from earlier this summer. I won't blame you if you forgot already. The box office numbers weren't great for that film. We'll have to wait and see if this one can succeed where The BFG failed.


Florence Foster Jenkins

Directed by: Stephen Frears
Runtime: 1hr, 50mins
Biography, Comedy

How about one of the best actresses around taking on the role of one of history's worst singers? She became something of a viral hit before the internet age, yet that may have benefited her since she didn't have to deal with Twitter trolls and negative reviews from every corner of the web. Nevertheless, this film will have to contend with the mixed reception it's getting from early reviews.


Sausage Party

Directed by: Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon
Runtime: 1hr, 29mins

I can't help wondering how many parents will accidentally take their children to this R rated comedy because they did bother watching a trailer or doing any research. Sometimes I wonder how some films even get greenlit in the first place. This is one of them. That doesn't mean it won't be funny, but seriously how did this get made?


Limited Releases:

Hell or High Water

Directed by: David Mackenzie
Runtime: 1hr, 42mins
Crime, Drama

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, this contemporary western has popped up and seems to be getting a surprising amount of buzz. So far it's getting strong reviews for it's performances by this strong cast. If it ends up playing in your area you should probably see it.



Directed by: Sean Ellis
Runtime: 2hrs,
Biography, History, Thriller


Blood Father

Directed by: Jean-Francois Richet
Runtime: 1hr, 28mins
Action, Thriller


Edge of Winter

Directed by: Rob Connolly
Runtime: 1hr, 29mins
Drama, Thriller


Operation Chromite

Directed by: John H. Lee
Runtime: 1hr, 55mins
Action, Drama, History


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