Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Opening This Week - July 15

Wide Releases:


Directed by: Paul Feig
Runtime: 1hr, 56mins
Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

As you might expect, considering the widespread internet hatred, this all female led remake of the classic 80's Sci-Fi favorite is getting very mixed reviews. Granted that has nothing to do with the female cast, which was never an issue if you ask me. In fact, the cast and their chemistry is one of the commonly noted strengths of the film. Even the negative reviews mention how funny they are. The most notable complaint I've seen mentioned in all of the handful of reviews I've read is the film's tendency to make the same mistakes a lot of other remakes and belated sequels make. It battles with itself trying to have the confidence to stand on it's own while undermining itself with excessive amounts of needless callbacks and explanations for elements in the original that didn't need explaining. Are these callbacks meant to appease the hardcore Ghostbusters fans who have likely already written this film off? They're likely lost on a younger generation just hoping for a good stand alone movie.


The Infiltrator

Directed by: Brad Furman
Runtime: 2hrs, 7mins
Crime, Drama, Thriller

Bryan Cranston is great in everything, even if the resulting film isn't always worthy of the performance he gives. This thriller likely leans on his performance even if the film never becomes a character study. All we're hoping for here is a competent thriller based on true events with good performances from this great cast. There's a good chance this one will deliver on those desires.


Limited Releases:

Café Society

Directed by: Woody Allen
Runtime: 1hr, 36mins
Comedy, Drama, Romance

I love Woody Allen, but I must admit there's good Woody Allen and bad Woody Allen. Café Society's period setting reminds me of Midnight In Paris, an example of good Woody Allen. But this marks Allen's second collaboration with Jesse Eisenberg, who appeared in 2012's To Rome with Love, an example of bad Woody Allen. Hopefully this one is more like the former rather than the latter. The cast also includes Steve Carrell, Corey Stoll, Blake Lively, and Kristin Stewart, who is becoming more and more of an indie darling after making a name for herself in bigger budget teen fiction films. It's worth noting that Jesse Eisenberg is small in stature and has that fast talking, shaky delivery that makes him a natural for any Woody Allen film. Now that Allen himself doesn't star in his own films, Eisenberg might just be his surrogate.



Directed by: Drake Doremus
Runtime: 1hr, 41mins
Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

We've seen stories of emotions breaking through in an emotionless future society before, perhaps that's the reason this one hasn't impressed critics. They all seem to note how beautifully shot the film is as well as giving credit to the lead performances. Yet the vast majority of viewers so far have not been sold on the world created here by Drake Doremus.


Phantom Boy

Directed by: Jean-Loup Felicioli & Alain Gagnol
Runtime: 1hr, 24mins
Animation, Fantasy

The latest film from the Oscar-nominated French filmmakers behind A Cat in Paris, is about a young super-powered boy who helps a wheelchair bound police officer take down the mob.



Directed by: Joseph  Mazzello
Runtime: 1hr, 30mins
Comedy, Drama

Undrafted follows a group of intramural baseball players as they prepare for what ends up becoming the most important game of their lives. 


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