Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Opening This Week - April 8

Out in Wide Release:

Hardcore Henry

Directed by: Ilya Naishuller
Runtime: 1hr, 36mins
Action, Sci-Fi

In case you find found footage films a little off-putting with their motion sickness inducing shaking cams and the strange ways in which they may or may not relate to the events they're capturing, here's a film done entirely in first person mode. Director Ilya Naishuller seems to be betting that the massively popular style of video game action can translate well to the big screen, though I wonder how immersive it will truly feel without the core difference between games and movies: player choice. This all goes without questioning essential things like story and structure. It's mixed initial reviews certainly won't help its chances in wooing over potential movie goers for its bizarre, if innovative approach to filmmaking. Though I'm betting this film will find itself a cult following at some point.


The Boss

Directed by: Ben Falcone
Runtime: 1hr, 39mins

It's hard to tell what you're going to get with Melissa McCarthy these days. For every "Spy" there's a "Tammy." And "The Boss" looks more "Tammy" than it does "Spy." She's reteaming with her husband for another film (a follow up to their "Tammy" collaboration), but I think, perhaps she'd be better off if she'd stick to working with Paul Feig.


Out in Limited Release:


Directed by: Jean-Marc Vallée
Runtime: 1hr, 40mins
Comedy, Drama

The initial word here is that Jake Gyllenhaal turns in a great performance in material not worthy of the part. Director Jean-Marc Vallée seems to have failed to strike a cord with critics a third time in a row (this following 2014's "Wild," and 2013's "Dallas Buyer's Club"). Here he's attempting a quirky comedy about a man who finds himself dead inside after the death of his wife. It doesn't seem quite like the material for a comedy and that's likely where the disconnect is, but in this generally inauspicious pre-summer movie season, it might be worth a look if only for Gyllenhaal's performance. That is if it ever expands from its limited release.


The Invitation

Directed by: Karyn Kusama
Runtime: 1hr, 40mins
Horror, Thriller


Louder Than Bombs

Directed by: Joachim Trier
Runtime: 1hr, 49mins

Rising talent Joachim Trier makes his English language debut with an exploration of the differing ways in which a family process the death of one of their own.


Mr. Right

Directed by: Paco Cabezas
Runtime: 1hr, 30mins
Action, Comedu

I almost feel bad for outspoken screenwriter Max Landis. When he comes up with a mostly unique, mostly original concept for an action/comedy, like "American Ultra," it bombs at the box office and gets hit pretty hard by a poor critical reception. Now his latest looks like a more derivative version of the same film with another quirky lead agent of some sort killing people, wooing the quirky leading lady and all while hoping for a few laughs. It's as if he tried to appease audiences this time around by giving in to what they expect. However instead of getting a wide release, this film is starting out in limited release mode with predictions of a short theatrical run. Oh well, he's already on to the "Power Rangers" movie.


One More Time

Directed by: Robert Edwards
Runtime: 1hr, 38mins
Comedy, Drama

Who doesn't love Christopher Walken?


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