Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Opening This Weekend - February 26

Gods of Egypt

Despite the novel concept of a period piece in which Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (of Game of Thrones fame) squares off against Gerard Butler (of 300 fame), this isn't the movie, or the context in which we want to see that. This film casts them as Egyptians despite the obvious fact that neither are Egyptian, a fact that has angered audiences even before this film has made its way to theaters. With the #Oscarssowhite blowing up all over the internet, it seems wildly tone def to release a film that could be the poster child for "whitewashed" Hollywood big budget blockbusters on the same weekend of the Oscars, an awards ceremony that has become a subject of controversy for this very thing.


Eddie the Eagle

This movie might just be the "Cool Runnings" for a new generation. It doesn't hurt that the cast includes rising star Taron Edgerton ("Kinsman: The Secret Service") and mostly well liked Hugh Jackman. However, it's received some mixed reviews so far, which confirms my suspicion that this film would likely be a cliche ridden "feel good" movie that will only work for those able to give in to it.


Triple 9

John Hillcoat's followup to "Lawless" has been getting mixed reviews so far, most of which call the story inane. Despite its spectacular A-list cast, it seems destined to tank both critically and commercially in part due to its fairly lacking ad-campaign and the aforementioned mixed reviews, but let's not forget these crime/thrillers haven't done particularly well lately. Killing Them Softly, "The Counselor," and "Gangster Squad" come to mind.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

The film I'm most looking forward to this week isn't even getting a wide release, but is likely to gain a wide audience anyway because of Netflix's method of distribution. On the one hand I'm excited to see this long overdue sequel, but I regret that whether or not this film gains the cultural following the first film did depends on whether or not its audience is subscribed to Netflix. Their initial crop of big film releases include last year's mostly well received "Beasts of No Nation," and last year's widely panned "The Ridiculous 6." They are two films on opposite ends of the scale. This film, hopefully, will land closer to that of "Beasts of No Nation." I will certainly have to rewatch the first one at some point this week before catching this one, and I'm kind of excited about that too.


Limited Releases:

Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive 


The Last Man on the Moon (documentary)


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