Sunday, January 10, 2016

Golden Globes 2016 Thoughts...

I'm not normally one to care about the awards necessarily, but for some reason it seems wrong not to at least be aware of them. And as someone fairly new to Twitter, it was actually surprisingly fun to watch the awards show while keeping an eye on TweetDeck. I know... I know... I'm way behind. Nevertheless, awards are interesting, but not necessarily confirmation of a film or TV show's merit. Too many films don't get the recognition they deserve, and too many films that don't necessarily deserve the recognition win. And then there are times like this year, where I like the people or even the films that received awards, and am happy for them, but would rather have seen others win.

Firstly, it should be noted that they are simply expressing opinion as much as anyone else, but they get to give away shiny awards on TV when they do it. Nevertheless, tickets sold, blurays bought, and episodes watched should inform the general public's acceptance of things. That should count for something, as should critic reviews. And of course, art is subjective. Never think your opinion is right and someone else's is wrong. No matter what.

Having said all of that, I was glad to see Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sylvester Stallone, Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence get honored for their performances in films produced in 2015. I even liked "The Revenant" quite a bit. However, I'm not sure I'd call it the best drama of the year. And as much as I enjoyed "The Martian" I don't think I'd categorize it as a comedy (it won best comedy).

About the only categories that offered surprise were best actress in a supporting role (that went to Kate Winslet) and best supporting actor (that went to Sylvester Stallone), and Best Director (that could have gone to any of the nominations, but wound up going to Iñárritu). One way or another it feels as though the limit on the number of nominations doesn't allow for an appropriate number of people getting the recognition they deserve. Perhaps that's why the Oscars feels like a more important awards ceremony (even a few of their categories could include more films). One way or another I can say without a doubt there were more than 5 good films worthy of note in 2015, and the same goes for the rest of the categories.

I plan to make my own best and worst post in the near future (there's still a few films I wanted to see before I write it). Until then I'm left agreeing with the words of critic Todd Gilchrist (even if I find them a tad bit harsh):

Full list of winners and nominations here.

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