Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Opening This Week - January 1

Just three theatrical releases this week (and two of them are in limited release). Of those films, only two of them are carrying any buzz. But they're both carrying a lot of buzz (though one probably more than the other), and I can't decide which one I'm more excited for. I love both Quentin Tarantino and Charlie Kaufman despite their vastly different brand of filmmaking.

Without further adieu here are the films opening this week:

The Hateful Eight (Nationwide Expansion)

The latest from Quentin Tarantino gets it's nationwide release after a brief run elusively on 70mm format. It's already getting a lot of love from critics, and is sure to end up on a lot of end of year top ten lists. My personal favorite Tarantino film, "Inglourious Basterds," was something of an ode to Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns in terms of style and score. With "Django Unchained" and now "The Hateful Eight" he has jumped into the genre with both feet, and I can't wait to see what he does with it this time around.


Anomalisa (Limited Release: New York City and LA)

I've always liked Charlie Kaufman's offbeat, surrealist films. He's one of the great writers of the 21st century, and this is his first theatrical release since his 2008 directorial debut "Synecdoche, New York." It's already being widely considered one of the better films of 2015 (even if it's technically not getting a release till after new years). This is certainly one to keep an eye out for if and when it starts expanding its theatrical release. 


Yosemite (Limited Release)

Another tale of boyhood, this time set in the autumn of 1985 in Yosemite national park. With the fear of a mountain lion looming. Not much to say about this one considering it's flown so far under the radar, and its release is a limited one.