Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Opening This Weekend - November 6

Happy first week of November! As I explained in my post about October's over-crowding at the box office, there's a lot of movies out there to see and if "The Martian" and "Goosebumps" hadn't buried most of the competition last month, the films coming out this weekend will likely ensure their continued failure.

Here's the releases for this week:


Yes the wait is finally over. The 24th 007 film is out and breaking box office records in every market in which it has opened. However, before we get too excited, there is reason to be concerned. The now infamous Sony hack leaked the script forcing changes to the story while shooting the film, which is always concerning. Those changes caused endless rumors and more set leaks. The circus that is the production of a Bond film has worn on both Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig to the point where neither of them want to do them anymore. If they hold to that, the whole franchise could require another reboot. If there's no Daniel Craig that would be a near certainty, especially with the distribution rights being up for grabs after "Spectre." Let's just hope the Daniel Craig era of the Bond Franchise goes out with a bang. We hardly knew ye.


The Peanuts Movie

Admittedly I'm reservedly excited about "The Peanuts Movie." I have always loved Peanuts, and I'm excited to see what a modern take on the series could be. Yet I'm also worried about how well Shulz's world and iconic characters will translate from 2D to 3D. The film is, however, a call back to series mainstays. Snoopy takes on his nemesis, the Red Baron, and Charlie Brown hopes to endear himself to his crush, the Little Red-Haired Girl. Perhaps our fears will be set at ease once that iconic jazzy score comes on. My only hope is that there isn't much musical modernizing, which would be a sure disconnect, at least for this viewer.


Room (Nationwide Release)

Room finally gets its nationwide release! It has already received a healthy amount of acclaim by critics. Nevertheless it's still likely to be overlooked by the mainstream cinema-going crowds this weekend, especially with "Spectre" coming out. Its acclaim comes because of its performances. Young Jacob Tremblay is being recognized for his part as a young boy who grew up trapped in a room with his mother until finally breaking out to discover the world for the first time. Brie Larson is already being considered a lock for an Oscar nomination. After a number of successful outings in small indie films, Brie Larson is quickly becoming a very sought after actress in Hollywood (She's due to star in a big budget film called Kong: Skull Island set for release in 2017), and an Oscar nomination certainly doesn't hurt.


Spotlight (Limited Release)

I really liked Tom McCarthy's directorial debut "The Station Agent," but his last film "The Cobbler" was not as well received. Yet this film seems to be getting mostly positive reviews so far, and it has hopes at the box office due to its stellar, star-studded cast. However, we've seen serious, fact based films like this struggle in the last couple of months with exciting, bigger budget blockbusters taking all the ticket sales. Yet if the cast isn't enough, it has a real shot at Award season buzz which could give it life at the box office nevertheless.


Trumbo (Limited Release)

This is a juicy film for a star-studded cast to sink their teeth into. Bryan Cranston is good in pretty much everything he does, but so far this film has seen somewhat mixed reviews. A biopic about Hollywood seems like a shoe in for Oscar considerations unless its downright bad, and the jury is still out on this one. Nevertheless, this stellar cast getting to take on so many recognizable faces from the classic Hollywood era is sure to be a sight to behold.


Brooklyn (Limited Release)

"Brooklyn" looks like a charming period drama about a young Irish immigrant adjusting to life in America by falling in love with a man from Brooklyn. But the situation is complicated when she's forced to return home only to find another charming young man. While it sounds like a fairly standard youthful romance, the film has enjoyed a strong critical reception praising the performances and the film as a whole. The only question remains can it survive the crowded Novemeber Box Office.


Miss You Already (Limited Release)

Best friends Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore) struggle through life together, especially once one of them gets married and has kids, and the other learns some devastating news. If it sounds like fairly well worn subject matter, it is, and critics haven't found anything particularly compelling about "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke's take on it. They cite a failure by the two leads to elevate the material and a script that doesn't do justice to its maudlin subject matter.



This film will be Jordan's entry for Best Foreign Language film at the upcoming Academy Awards in February 2016. Its screenplay and direction have been lauded with awards from numerous film festivals around the world. It's about a young Bedouin boy whose coming of age is forced by difficult circumstances as he serves as guide to a British officer on a perilous journey through the desert (in present-day Saudi Arabia) during the first World War.


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