Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Opening This Weekend - November 13

Here's what's coming out this week:

By The Sea

Angelina Jolie directs her first film with her husband Brad Pitt since "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," the film that brought them together in the first place. Yet the film seems to be getting mixed to mostly negative reviews. It may be pretty to look at, particularly the locale and lead actors, but it's concerning that critics cite a lack of depth and catharsis.


The 33

Based on the true story of a 2010 collapse in a gold and copper mine that trapped 33 miners for 69 days. It's supposed to be a comprehensive view of the events that took place both inside the mine and above ground, but critics haven't taken to this standard disaster movie fare.


Love the Coopers

And here's our first Holiday film of the season. It's the poorly titled "Love the Coopers," that does absolutely nothing to put you in the Christmas spirit. I can't help wondering if it wouldn't have been better served by a Thanksgiving Day release, rather than a few weeks before. I also can't help wondering if it'll last in theaters long enough to be running at a more seasonally appropriate time, or if it can do anything to impress despite its trailer that makes the film look rather generic. At least it has a star-studded cast.


My All American

If their ad campaign that states, "from the writer of Rudy and Hoosiers" tells us anything, this one should find its success on TV and home video. That fact seems to be apparent even to their distributors who originally planned on releasing the film in early October before pushing it back about a month. The good news is, they escaped an overwhelmingly busy October box office, but the bad news is things aren't slowing down much in November. This seems like a standard feel-good, made for TV movie, and it may have been better off releasing on TV and VOD. I'm not sure whether its a help or a hindrance that the trailer is one of those that outlines the entire plot of the film. In case you were interested, the trailer leaves little left for the film to show.


Kilo Two Bravo

After a UK release in 2014, this film is finally making its way to the US under a new name (it was titled Kajaki in the UK). So far it's received positive reviews, and looks like a tense war thriller sure to have its share of graphic depictions of gory injuries. It follows a group of British soldiers in Afghanistan trying to survive while being surrounded by enemy forces and a heavily mined riverbed.



"Entertainment" looks like a peculiar little film certainly not destined for wide appeal. Critics are mixed on it, and the general public doesn't seem to like it at all. One view of the trailer and you'll know why. Nevertheless, the fact that at least some critics seem to be very high on it makes me curious to find out for myself.


Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words

Ingrid Bergman is one of the all-time greats. Casablanca is and forever will be one of my all-time favorite films. Despite the fact that I'm normally not that into documentaries, I simply can't help but want to watch this one.


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