Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Opening This Weekend - August 28

Movies come out every week, but it's easy to forget which ones. Hopefully this will be of some help. 

No Escape

This may be the most advertised film opening this weekend (for better or worse). Director John Erick Dowdle has made a handful of hit or miss horror flicks so far, which could make this an interesting take on real world terrors. It also looks like it may borrow from the disaster movie genre, and its certain to have political elements (again, for better or worse). This one could be an entertaining thriller or a bomb that doesn't respect the cultures found within. It's worth noting that initial reviews do not seem to be very positive.

Z For Zachariah

This one looks like a tense thriller involving a love triangle in a post apocalyptic setting. It's also got three very talented leads in Chiwetel Ejiofor, Chris Pine, and Margot Robbie. Who doesn't love a good post apocalyptic setting, and it could also be an interesting character study as well. Only time will tell.


Queen of Earth

Alex Ross Perry's previous film "Listen Up Phillip" is a film I'm still not sure how I feel about. His latest, "Queen of Earth" looks tense and bizarre. From the trailer alone I can tell it's the sort of film that will find success with only a niche audience. It's hard to imagine it finding wide success. That doesn't, however, mean it won't be a good film, but Alex Ross Perry is a filmmaker I haven't made up my mind about just yet.


We Are Your Friends

With the growing popularity of EDM (electronic dance music) it makes perfect sense that a film that centers around the genre would come along. Yet this looks like a cheesy adaptation of other cliche teen-centric music films. But it's rated R, so who knows? Maybe the worst thing about the trailer is that it seems to lay out the entire film with every plot point. It's a growing mistake in trailers these days. Perhaps if the film isn't good, but you enjoyed the trailer you can just re-watch it like a shortened version.


The Second Mother

This is a film from rising Brazilian writer/director Anna Muylaert. The film has been receiving good word of mouth and a few awards from various film festivals worldwide. The trailer (the UK trailer is above) portrays it as an interesting and comical character study that takes on the class divide in Sao Paulo. One way or another I'm certainly intrigued. 

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