Saturday, March 29, 2014

Enable Google Now In Chrome On Your Computer

If you are used to working with Google Now on your phone or tablet you might like to know that Google has recently made it so you can view your cards from Chrome on your computer.

Supposedly this feature will eventually become standardized in future updates to Chrome, but you can enable Google Now cards now if you don't want to wait.

Type in "chrome://flags" and once you are there you'll see a warning that these options are experimental features, but don't worry I've been using it for a while and nothing is broken yet...

To quickly find the option press control + F, or command + F (if you're a mac user), and in the find box type in google now to quickly locate it.  In the drop down menu box select enable, and then at the bottom left there will be a button to restart chrome.

Mr. Jingles says I'm all caught up!
After that you should see the little bell (Mr. Jingles) icon that Google likes to use as their notification center
icon (see image to the right for example), in the menu bar (top bar on Mac, bottom or start menu bar on PC).  Click that to see updates about weather and whatever else you might be used to seeing in Google Now.

So far I've only really had weather updates, but I'm expecting this to become more useful with time.  If you need more help let me refer you to Google's support page.

UPDATE (2 April, 2014):
I have tested and can confirm that this Google Now feature on Mac and Chrome OS works, but have not used it on PC yet.  Also, unfortunately it is not available for Linux users yet...

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