Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pitchfork Streaming The Grand Budapest Hotel Soundtrack

Wes Anderson's upcoming film The Grand Budapest Hotel is out March 7th, but in the meantime Pitchfork has Alexandre Desplat's original soundtrack for the film available for streaming on their website.

Alexandre Desplat worked on Anderson's last two feature films Moonrise Kingdom and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  According to Pitchfork you can listen to the soundtrack on their site until March 2nd, and it'll be available buy on March 3rd.

Also, on February 19th Empire Online posted a couple of new clips from the film. Check those out here.

Here's the track listing from Pitchfork:

The Grand Budapest Hotel Original Soundtrack:

01 Öse Schuppel: "s'Rothe-Zäuerli"
02 "The Alpine Sudetenwaltz" *
03 "Mr. Moustafa" *
04 "Overture: M. Gustave H" *
05 "A Prayer for Madame D" *
06 "The New Lobby Boy" *
07 Siegfried Behrend & DZO Chamber Orchestra: "Concerto for Lute and Plucked Strings I. Moderato"
08 "Daylight Express to Lutz" *
09 "Schloss Lutz Overture" *
10 "The Family Desgoffe und Taxis" *
11 "Last Will and Testament" *
12 "Up the Stairs/Down the Hall" *
13 "Night Train to Nebelsbad" *
14 "The Lutz Police Militia" *
15 "Check Point 19 Criminal Internment Camp Overture" *
16 Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra, Vitaly Gnutov: "The Linden Tree"
17 "J.G. Jopling, Private Inquiry Agent" *
18 "A Dash of Salt (Ludwig's Theme)" *
19 "The Cold-Blooded Murder of Deputy Vilmos Kovacs" *
20 "Escape Concerto" *
21 "The War (Zero's Theme)" *
22 "No Safe-House" *
23 "The Society of the Crossed Keys" *
24 "M. Ivan" *
25 "Lot 117" *
26 "Third Class Carriage" *
27 "Canto at Gabelmeister's Peak" *
28 "A Troops Barracks (Requiem for the Grand Budapest)" *
29 "Cleared of All Charges" *
30 "The Mystical Union" *
31 Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra, Vitaly Gnutov: "Kamarinskaya"
32 "Moonshine" (traditional arrangement) *

* Composed by Alexandre Desplat

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