Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Future Holds New Movie Experience In Your Living Room

This is a video from CES 2013.  Samsung talks about their upcoming flexible displays which is interesting in their own right, but what I'm talking about is the part toward the end (scrub forward to 12:45) where Microsoft gives us a glimpse at what the next XBOX might be able to do.

The technology could extend to home entertainment systems and movie theaters.  The big thing there for a while was 3D, it's still sort of a big deal, but the next big thing could be this system that uses lighting to give the appearance of an extended screen.  As the car passes under street lights, it looks as though the living room is also passing under the street lights.  It's another way to give that sense of immersion in which we won't have to wear ridiculous looking glasses.

Microsoft and Xbox has long been trying to make the Xbox not just a gaming console, they have Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, ESPN, HBO GO, FOX, Syfy and even YouTube among other video apps.  They've had live events available to watch and IGN recently reported that we can expect to see "40 new TV and movie apps coming to Xbox in the next year." You could easily just drop your cable or satellite in favor of Xbox, and with their new way of immersing the viewer in the video or game, it's hard to not be sold on the idea.   We will have to wait and see, when more details come out, just what this new way of displaying all of this video/game content really is.

Also, it's kinda funny, but right before they play the video (at around 12:35), even at a conference that doesn't have anything to do with Apple, Microsoft found a way to take a shot at their bitter rival:
"Some companies talk about a reality distortion field... we've actually built one."
Oh and on the bright side (if you watch the entire video) flexible screens for our mobile devices could mean we won't break them if we drop them... who needs a screen protector anyway?


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