Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Installing New Rating System

So I've come to realize that while I've been reviewing/recommending films that are available on Netflix or Redbox that I haven't given any sort of actual number/star rating.

I thought about what those really mean and looked at examples of different rating scales, and it usually comes down to something like IMDB's 10 star rating, or Netflix 5 star rating.  Since I am mostly scanning Netflix's rather sizable library of instantly streamable films and recommending good finds, or warning you to stay away from certain titles, it makes sense that I use a similar scale to theirs.

Not to mention that I get a little lost trying to assign a certain number of stars based on a 10 point scale. What really separates a 6* film and a 7* film? Even though that can still be said of a 5 star system, the least complicated it is the easier it is to make sense out of.

So with this in mind the only scale that makes sense to me is the 5 star Netflix scale in which each star means something.  While rating something, if you hover over the star it tells you what you are saying by clicking it (meaning I liked it, I didn't like it).  Straight forward enough right?

So I'm going to go by a slightly modified Netflix inspired 5 star scale, that looks something like this:

0* = I Hated it
1* = I Didn't like it
2* = It was only OK
3* = I liked it
4* = I really liked it
5* = I loved it

I will be adding these to previous posts, and future posts.  So for future reference if you see something that looks like this: 3/5* you know what it means.


  1. Were you encouraged by my spreadsheet? ;)

  2. By the way, how come your layout so so much fancier than min?